Community Grants Program

Between 2012 and 2014, Albury Conservation Company ran a Community Grants Program, investing over $30,000 to support local wildlife projects in the areas of research, on-ground works, and community education/engagement.

Eastern side of Little Budginigi Hill, Tabletop NSW (Sept 2017)

Eastern side of Little Budginigi Hill, Tabletop NSW (Sept 2017)

Albury Conservation Compnay provided funding and technical support to the following seven projects:

  1. Thurgoona Country Club Resort Biodiversity Project – construction of 60 nest boxes, mapping of hollow-bearing trees, and 1 hectare of revegetation with indigenous seedlings – by Thurgoona Country Club Resort.
  2. Investigating the effects of urbanisation on Thurgoona’s Squirrel Gliders– a Charles Sturt University honours project.
  3. Revegetation of Little Budginigi Hill at Tabletop – Mr Joe Esler (private landholder)
  4. Thurgoona and Wirlinga Community understanding and knowledge of Biodiversity (Sept 2013) – a social study by Charles Sturt University.
  5. Glider Project at the Lake Hume Spillway Area (2 year project) – surveys, nest boxes, revegetation (Woolshed Thurgoona Landcare Group)
  6. Biodiversity Plantings at the Kerr Sustainability Centre, Thurgoona – a student and community project with Charles Sturt University.
  7. Nest Box Inventory at the National Environment Centre – Parklands Albury Wodonga

The ‘Glider Project at the Lake Hume Spillway Area’ also received funding in 2013/14 for a second year of the project. Additional funding and support in 2013/14 was also provided to the ‘Revegetation of Little Budginigi Hill at Tabletop’ project for hand-seeding of native vegetation in 2014. This supplemented machine direct-seeding undertaken in June 2013, which had patchy results.