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Edge Pledge is a new and exciting not-for-profit CROWDFUNDING PLATFORM devoted entirely to the conservation of native wildlife at risk of extinction.

It is the brainchild of Albury resident Mr Sam Marwood, and it launched nationally on Monday 15th August and Albury Conservation Company is very proud to be involved. We are one of only eleven environmental organisations nationally to be involved in the launch of Edge Pledge.

Why Squirrel Gliders?

Thurgoona / Wirlinga is home to one of the most significant populations of Squirrel Gliders in NSW. It is a listed threatened species, meaning that it is on the slippery slope to extinction. They are a gliding marsupial possum that rely on hollow trees as homes and glide safely 40 metres from tree to tree. Sadly, over 95% of it’s preferred habitat (Box Gum Woodland) has been lost, old hollow bearing trees are becoming as rare as hens teeth, and what habitat does remain is not well connected. To make matters worse, Thurgoona / Wirlinga is the designated urban growth corridor of Albury. The human population is expected to grow five-fold over the next 20-30 years, bringing an enormous challenge for the species to survive – housing and industry, vehicle traffic, noise, artificial light, foxes, cats, firewood removal. Albury Conservation Company is dedicated to ensuring that the Squirrel Glider population doesn’t slide into local extinction. We will continue to raise awareness in the community, protect and improve glider habitat, and monitor the species so that the community can intervene if things go pear-shaped.

How can I help?

  1. Become an Extinction Fighter for the Squirrel Glider by choosing three challenges, and completing the one that receives the most votes after 21 days.
  2. Donate to an Extinction Fighter raising funds for the Squirrel Glider.

Where does the money go?

100% of the funds we raise through Edge Pledge will go towards conservation of Squirrel Gliders in Thurgoona / Wirlinga.

Funds raised will be spent on the following:

  • Nest boxes to provide much needed homes for Squirrel Gliders;
  • Planting of native seedlings to help Squirrel Gliders move safely through the landscape;
  • Monitoring of Squirrel Gliders to keep track of how they are adapting to urbanisation and to prevent them sliding into local extinction.

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Squirrel Gliders in a nest box at Trinity College Thurgoona (Scott Melgaard, 2011)

Squirrel Gliders in a nest box at Trinity College Thurgoona (Scott Melgaard, 2011)

Planting to fill treeline gaps along Thurgoona Drive to enable Squirrel Gliders to move safely through the landscape.

Planting to fill treeline gaps along Thurgoona Drive to enable Squirrel Gliders to move safely through the landscape.

Squirrel Glider at a feeding station in Thurgoona (Photo by Peter Spooner & Mitchell Francis)

Squirrel Glider feeding at night time in Thurgoona captured using a motion sensing camera (Photo by Peter Spooner & Mitchell Francis, 2013).

Imagine if in 30 or 40 years time that we, indeed the world, could look back on the urbanisation  of Thurgoona / Wilringa and say “we did it”. Not only did we build a thriving extension of Albury accommodating 50,000 new residents, but equally as important we avoided sacrificing the threatened species that already call the place home. Species like the Squirrel Glider.

This is the fundamental mission of the Albury Conservation Company LTD (ACC).

ACC is also acutely aware that this is not going to happen by chance, and that we need to get a number of critical things in place now:

– Careful planning to protect habitat, in reserves and in areas zoned for future development where possible;

– Scientific monitoring of threatened species, to ensure viable populations are being maintained and to highlight urgent issues;

– On-ground action to protect, improve, and connect wildlife habitat;

– ‘Whole of community’ ownership of the challenge.

The ACC is a not-for-profit community organisation established in 2006 to help protect and enhance the natural environment of Thurgoona /Wirlinga in NSW, and to raise community awareness and engage the community in protecting biodiversity for future generations. The ACC works with key stakeholders to improve communication and planning, attract and invests funding into local projects, and engages with the community to raise awareness and involvement in conserving local species.

The ACC is a registered environmental organisation, eligible to receive tax deductible donations through the ‘Thurgoona Biodiversity Trust and Public Fund”.

The animal in the Albury Conservation Company’s logo is the Squirrel Glider (Petaurus norfolcensis), a tree dwelling native mammal which lives in tree hollows and nest boxes and glides from tree to tree. Squirrel Gliders are a listed threatened species in NSW, and Thurgoona / Wirlinga is very fortunate to have a significant population. Maintaining viable populations of Squirrel Gliders and other threatened species, such as the Sloane’s Froglet, is a key focus of the Albury Conservation Company.

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